Our Product Range

JACKY® Bins, the front line in the evolution of storage for green coffee beans worldwide.

230L, 1000L, 1600L, 1600L & 2000L JACKY Bins – just a selection from our full range!

Why use JACKY® Bins?


JACKY® Bins are the best way to store your green coffee beans prior to their roasting. Why? Because JACKY Bins provide a simple, effective solution to many problems faced by the coffee roasting industry worldwide, such as:

Ineffective use of space

Ineffective use of limited floor space and too many burlap sacks lying about

Physical handling

Struggling with physical handling of heavy sacks

Repetitive lifting

Repetitive bending and lifting

Product contamination

Ensuring that green beans are not contaminated while in storage


Guaranteed consistency across batches

Using JACKY® Bins for storage of green coffee beans can help overcome many these common back-of-house inefficiencies and further consolidate your profitability. In addition, JACKY Bins are real-world-proven to increase efficiencies and cost savings.

Improving back-of-house efficiencies & workflow.

By utilizing the translucent properties of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene it is easy to assess remaining stock levels inside a JACKY Bin without having to add vertical sight glasses or any other level assessment devices. The density of the beans inside a JACKY Bin produces a shadow and contrast on the wall of the hopper, so a cursory glance is all that is needed to keep track of your green bean stock levels.

Saving valuable space.

Floor space is precious in any workplace. JACKY Bins provide an economical storage solution for green coffee beans by making use of vertical storage space. No more slumping pallets of bean-packed burlap sacks lying around on the floor or on a rack! Just load the green beans straight into the JACKY Bins as they arrive on your premises and rid yourself of the burlap blight immediately.

Industry compliance for workplace hygiene & cleanliness.

The introduction of JACKY Bins into your roastery space can dramatically increase workplace hygiene and cleanliness. There is growing concern about the long-term storage of consumable products in burlap sacks, as the material is porous and can accumulate unwanted bacteria and foreign matter. Apart from the obvious benefits to workplace cleanliness, removing a multitude of porous sacks from your workplace will surely reduce the risk of contamination.

JACKY Bins are molded in one piece and the polymer is 100% impenetrable by foreign matter, providing the perfect way to keep your workplace clean and healthy. And, JACKY Bins are a breeze to clean and sanitize!

Why use JACKY® Bins?