Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Sunshine coast

“We were searching for ideas as to how we could speed up the preparatory process, and also minimize some health and safety obligations that the company has for the staff”

Gary Newcombe , Director

Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery combines a lifelong passion for coffee with an unwavering commitment to innovation to produce some of the industries’ best specialty coffee, single-origin, and coffee blends.

Operating one of Australia’s most sophisticated coffee roasting operations, Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery works with a large number of clients to create a blend that reflects their brand. Servicing statewide, their motto is "life’s too short to drink bad coffee," and their mission is to help others put "quality in a cup."

Taking the ‘back work’ out of the ‘hack work’.

With the volume of coffee beans being roasted increasing steadily year by year, the physical task of moving and handling green coffee was becoming an OH&S concern to the team at Sunshine Coast Coffee Roastery.

The hackwork still has to be done, but the inclusion of JACKY Bins into the roastery has taken much of the ‘back work’ out of the job, meaning that the staff are safer, morale is excellent and the efficiency of the roasting process is maximized.

A new system to help roasters!

In early 2019, the team at Sunshine Coast Coffee reached out to JACKY Bins 4 Coffee (JB4C), to help design and supply a system that would help to remove the manual handling of sacks of green beans.

The JB4C team designed, constructed, and supplied the green bean loading platform (left) and a fleet of JACKY Bins. A full pallet of coffee can be placed on the loading platform, and the sacks cut to empty through a mesh floor into the JACKY Bin below.

After the JACKY Bin is loaded, it can be placed onto pallet racking for storage and discharge of beans at the convenience of the roasting team!

“…’ve seen how easy the JACKY Bins are – just lift the lever and [weigh] straight onto the scales."

John Trickett , Head Roaster