Sulalat Coffee

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


“The reduction of manual strain on the roasting team is a huge advantage, and the ease and speed with which we can weigh our green coffee out of JACKY Bins is simply pleasing”

Wayel Al-Wohaibi , Co-Owner

With a clear mission to bring the best of specialty coffee to the Arab world, Sulalat Coffee are a world-class roaster located in the busy centre of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Coffee blends from around the world.

Under the ‘Sulalat’ brand, Sulalat Coffee produce no fewer than 12 single-origin and blended coffees, sourced from a wide variety of locations throughout Central America, Africa, and Asia. Their state-of-the-art roastery is neatly housed behind glass walls, is perfectly presented, and on full view to the patrons who visit the Sulalat Coffee.

Discharge silos for efficient storage.

Wayel Al-Wohaibi of Sulalat Coffee contacted the JACKY Bins team for a practical, tidy, and efficient storage solution for green coffee beans. The answer? 2000L side discharge silos! Supplied complete with swiveling castors to allow easy movement when necessary, the inclusion of JACKY Bins at the Sulalat has been a worthwhile investment.

Sulalat Saudi Arabia 2