Proud Mary Coffee

Melbourne, Australia

Ash officer

“The inclusion of JACKY Bins into our green room has significantly reduced repetitive strain for our team members, and has sped up our weigh-out process on a daily basis. Great product. Well done!”

Ash Officer , Proud Mary Roaster

Proud Mary Coffee is a well-respected coffee roasting company based in Melbourne.

With their focus firmly on delivering exceptional coffee, Proud Mary has grown substantially over the last few years and they continue to expand into new markets — most recently they have opened a roastery in Portland, OR!

But with growth comes growing pains.

For the roastery staff, the growth in sales meant greater stocks of green beans needed to be held, and every day there were more and more sacks to be opened and beans to be scooped out and weighed. The lifting of full sacks and the repetitive bending and scooping was a concern from an occupational health and safety perspective, and the time that this action was consuming was becoming noticeable.

Lightening the load for roasters.

Proud Mary made contact with the team at JACKY Bins. After an initial meeting and site audit, it became clear that the installation of two 1730L JACKY Bins would greatly lighten the physical stress on the staff and provide a suitable storage solution for the two main bean types that are used.

To enable the bins to be easily filled, the team at JACKY Bins suggested the addition of extendable legs, meaning that the bins can be lowered to ground level when re-filling and moving around the roastery, and can be easily raised to a convenient work height when back in the green room.

JACKY Bins provided a simple, practical solution for Proud Mary. With the repetitive, manual bending and scooping task now unnecessary, the green room much more spacious and tidy, and the valuable green beans now in high-quality storage, the team at Proud Mary only have good things to say about JACKY Bins.