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We refer to JACKY® Bins by their volume because their full weight can vary depending on the contents. For example, a fully-loaded 1000L bin will contain approximately 1200kg of cement powder, but may only hold 600kg of shelled peanuts.

The simple slide action of the JACKY® Bin discharge hatch means that you have complete control over the amount of product that is discharged. Literally, you can take a teaspoon, or a ton!

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Yes, certainly. In the instance of brewing and distilling, often a JACKY® bin is used to trickle feed a grain mill, and this allows you to ‘set and forget’, while you get on with another task.

In addition to a genuine factory guarantee on the product and workmanship, JACKY® Bins are backed by several decades of dedication to the polymer-molding industry. Having made plenty of mistakes, the team know success story when they see it, and the JACKY® story is one of those!

Nowhere in particular. It was a result of a brainstorming session in which co-founder Dale Cox says “It fell from the sky and hit me on the head.” After rolling it around his tongue for several weeks it was decided that JACKY® was the name for these bins. 

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