Here we answer some of questions most commonly asked by our prospective clients...

This is a very broad question, but let’s make a hypothetical scenario and value it:

1. Roastery Perfecto…..

  • Roasting approx. 2000kg green beans per week.
  • 8 Origins – 4x main origins and 4x specialty.
  • Roasting daily in 2x 30kg roasters – average of 400 kg per day.
  • Average weigh quantity 10kg – therefore 40 weigh outs per day.

Proposed JACKY Bins solution to increase efficiency and reduce WH&S risks:

  • 4 x 1200kg capacity JACKY Bins (storage and dispensing of 4x main components).
  • 1 x Green Bean Transfer Machine – for effortlessly loading the JACKY Bins.
  • 1 x 500kg capacity JACKY Loading hopper.
  • 1 x Pallet racking module to suit 4x JACKY Bin silos.
  • Approximate investment value – $29,000USD, 21,260GBP, €24650 (includes delivery to most major ports globally; local taxes and charges to be paid by purchaser).

More than a decade. JACKY Bins are used for storage of green coffee beans in roasteries large and small, throughout Australia, NZ, Middle East, USA, Canada and Europe.

Every situation is different, but the following points are generally applicable to most roastery spaces:

  • Weigh out time - It takes approx. 10 seconds to weigh out 6kg of green beans (multiply this across the amount of coffee you weigh out every day).
  • Loading green coffee - Load 7-8 sacks of green coffee into the loader hopper and let the GBTM fill your JACKY Bin while you do other jobs. The GBTM moves approx. 1000kg beans per hour.
  • Reduce WH&S risks - Visualize a workers compensation claim for a back injury due to lifting, repetitive bending and scooping. Compare the JACKY Bin investment to this compensation liability.

We’ll be straight-up honest with you; if we don’t think JACKY Bins are the best solution for you, we'll say so. However, without fail, the roasteries that we've worked with over the years have gained substantial benefits from JACKY Bins 4 Coffee and the solutions we provide.

To quote Dale Cox, Director of Orion Australia, “it fell from the sky and hit me on the head!”. There is no significant science to the name, it just suited the application.