Cheeky Devil Roasters

Hobart, Tasmania


“It’s transformed the way we do it. Go under each bin, open the chute and measure it basically to a gram….”

Clive Aver , Head Roaster

Cheeky Devil Coffee Roasters is a Tasmanian specialty coffee roaster that is committed to providing fresh, ethically sourced coffee from around the world. Cheeky Devil Roasters is proud to be affiliated with the ‘Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal” initiative and are committed to donating $1 for every kilogram of specialty coffee beans sold.

Making life easier, one bean at a time!

Clive Aver is the Head Roaster at Cheeky Devil Coffee, based in Kingston, Tasmania.

While Clive loves his role overseeing the production of fine quality coffee at the roastery, the laborious task of scooping and weighing coffee beans was posing a substantial risk to his well-being and physical health. A pre-existing shoulder injury was being aggravated by the repetitive chore of measuring out beans for each roast.

JACKY Bins to the rescue...

Cheeky Devil Roasters contacted the team at JACKY Bins 4 Coffee to discuss options for overcoming the challenges that they were experiencing.

Working with four main origins, the ideal solution for this roastery space was 4 x 230L JACKY Bins, mounted in elevated frames, to allow clearance for the weigh cart to be wheeled under the outlet chute when measuring out.

The bins are conveniently mounted on industrial quality castors – when they need re-filling they can be moved to another area in the roastery where the sacks of green bean are lifted mechanically and discharged into the JACKY Bin.

“…certainly from a ‘workflow’ point of view, it is far, far, far faster”.

Clive Aver , Head Roaster