500L JACKY Loader Hopper

Don't be fooled by its size, this unique JACKY® hopper bin is very capable and extremley helpful!

Happy Coffee Roasters Worldwide

The 500L capacity JACKY® Loader Hopper provides an ergonomic platform on which to unload green coffee beans. Simply slide sacks off their pallet onto the mesh grate and cut the sacks to empty. This hopper can then be lifted to empty via the discharge hatch, or sucked out by the Green Bean Transfer Machine.

Product Specifications

Model JBDBF-S Nat
Capacity Approx. 350kg / 770lb green coffee
Dimensions 1180 x 1180 x 910mm H
45½” x 45½” x 36” H
Hopper composition Food grade LLDPE
Frame Galvanised steel (optional powdercoat)
Hatch specification HDPE gate in S/Steel guides
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